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Hi Rob.

Just wanted to let you know I really, really like that honey. It is everything I was hoping it would be.  I also saw where you signed me up for your list … thank you.
Regards,  Mary W. Brownsburg IN

Hi Rob.

I talked with mom yesterday. She said you delivered some honey to her. She likes it just as much as I do. As I indicated when we first spoke, I have never liked honey. But after trying a sample of yours at National City, I was hooked. Thankfully, my husband thinks the store bought stuff is better, so I still have some that will last me through the end of November.
Before I run out, I will be in touch for some more. I realize that the raw honey will be gone soon, but the other will at least taste better than what you can buy in the store.
I will talk with you soon.

-Donna, Brownsburg IN

Hi Rob,
I loved [the hand cream], haven't had to use any more this summer though. This is absolute the best, and we've tried many different store bought ones.  Same thing is true on the honey also.  I like to add your honey to my morning hot chocolate when it's cold outside.  I still have 1 1/2 glass containers left.  Will be ordering more honey & hand cream later on this fall when things settle down around here.
Hey, Rob.
Just wanted to let you know the honey arrived a week ago today, and it's very good.  I'm really pleased with the quality.  Wonderful flavor!
Thanks again. Sincerely,
Toni C, Arizona
We saw you at the Lebanon show last Sat.  Got some honey & lip balm -- really good,  So let me know what the charges would be for shipping.  As that will probably be the best for us.   Also been using the lip balm on a crack around my finger nail, it's healing up real fast, so that's why I'm ordering the hand cream
Tom M. Frankfort IN
Everything arrived in perfect shape.  The honey is delicious, as usual.  The candles, pristine.  I cannot answer personally for the lip balm, because they were immediately scarfed up by my daughters, a sufficient testimony to the quality of the product. Thanks again Rob.
Sincerely, Charlotte Lancaster Co, PA
I have been using your honey in my tea to help my allergies and it is helping! I also use it in a combination with raw garlic to help my cough as I have copd and most medications that cost more do less---I firmly believe in the power of natural healing and find honey and garlic help me stay out of the doctors office more than anything! Thank you for making local honey! I find it more than a sweet treat--it helps me stay healthy! Peace be with you
Gaytha A, Brownsburg IN
Tried it in my tea this morning. BEST HONEY I EVER TASTED!
Janet, Indianapolis IN
Our kids ask for The GOOD HONEY, the Bluffwood Creek honey
Phil & Charity, Brownsburg IN
Hey!! Got the honey today, thanks! It is absolutely wonderful!! Lightest honey I've ever tasted. I've placed a link on my webpage to your site!
Dawn, Scottsboro AL (our first mail order)
These are the recorded remarks from the judges at the Hendricks County Fair in July 2002, when the honey won two first place prizes:

I was telling [my husband] that your honey has a clarity of flavor that I never tasted before. It is really excellent. ...what I like best is that it is from your backyard... the health benefits of not buying it a store are so fabulous.
Cindy, Newark DE
I'm really glad to [try your honey] after all. I get to eat the product. I didn't know there was so much difference in commercial and natural honey. Your honey doesn't leave an unpleasant aftertaste. The only other honey I have used that was natural was wildflower. It was very strong amber stuff. [Bluffwood Creek honey is fruity]. This is not fair. I am sitting here [at work], thinking about the honey at home.. and drooling. VERY unattractive. I was FINE until you brought it up! LOL
Charlotte, Lancaster Co, PA
Sorry it's taken me so long to let you know how pleased I am w/ your products! Great stuff! And thank you for the personalized delivery - I like being able to buy from local folks. I'll be ordering againg in the future & I'll try to recruit some other new customers for you, as well. Thank you again...
Kristin B, Clayton IN
Tim's (he's my co-worker) wife says that's the best honey she's ever tasted.
The honey is excellent. My father and I enjoyed it immensely. I appreciate all of the gyrations in getting it up here. Thanks again. (Note: this order was for honeycomb which is fragile, and we arranged delivery to a town half a state away).
Dave Z., Fort Wayne IN
DJ I like your stuff [honey] - too bad my father can't offer an opinion! It arrived [in the mail] fine!!! and it is good!!! I shared part of it at work for our holiday luncheon!
Debra B, West Des Moines IA