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What's all this about bee pollen?
Well, I already have customers who specifically choose Bluffwood Creek HONEY because it's local and raw, with only a minimum of straining. They tell me that local honey contains local pollen and that regular consumption of this honey helps their allergic reactions to pollen in the air. They say it only works with local pollen as every pollen is different, so pollen in honey from foreign sources or even out of state won't be effective.

Just exactly what is bee pollen?
It's the pollen from local flowers that the bees have carried into the hive as their own food. They bring in two kinds of food nectar from which they make delicious BluffwoodCreek HONEY (their source of carbohydrates) and pollen (their source of protein).

The picture on the right shows a screen bottomed tray covered with bee pollen. With granules the size of fine aquarium gravel, and colors from white, to amber, to brown and black (depending on the floral source)

Is it edible?
Oh yes! It's as natural as the HONEY itself. It's very soft and smudgy when it is brought into the hive and dropped into the screen box. I put in in a gentle dehydrator to reduce the moisture content and avoid the risk of mold. I've tasted it, and it's quite nice. I know some people who sprinkle it on their morning cereal.

Is it safe?
Unless you have an incredible allergy to eating something that makes your nasal passages congest up, it's safe. The only way to be sure is to try a sample. Just call or e-mail me for a sample. It's like any other food, while you could have an allergy, I don't think you would, unless your rub it into your eyes or snort it up your nose. (I'm kidding... Don't even think of trying this!)

Where can I find out more about bee pollen?
Try visiting this link: Click here. I found it interesting. I can't vouch for their findings, but it sure looks positive.

Is it for sale?
Yes. We haven't decided on packaging yet, but it's going to cost about $20 per pound. That's a huge amount by the way, and you'll be buying it in ounces, not pounds. If you're interested, drop me a note at bwcreek@BluffwoodCreek.com